In order to keep our impressive stock of games we buy and trade used games from you, our customers. Prices change all the time but here are some of our pricing guidelines:

When it comes to games...

• Are your cartridges nice and clean, with no cracks, magic marker, label damage or stickers on it?
• Are your discs all scratched up, do they have their original case, or the booklet?

Those are a few of the things that can negatively affect the price. Of course some things can affect the price positively are:

• If it is a cartridge game and it has its original box and/or booklet
• If the box and book are included condition is important
• And of course rarity is always important!


When it comes to game systems...

• The condition of the system is, as you can guess, very important
• Completeness is also important. Make sure your system has all of its original parts.
• Is it dirty? How much time will we be spending cleaning it?
• Original boxes and inserts aren’t necessary, but they do increase the value!
• If you have an questions feel free to get in touch at (978)-744-2630